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We use Safari to surf the web and teach the seniors how to browse and navigate websites 

Some of the apps and topics we cover in our class:

Teaching new ways of communication like email is a core learning fundamental tool that we use. We implicate emailing during every class!  

We teach our older generation how to navigate and surf on todays latest generation of iPad's with 12.9" screens. We come to your community and we provide majority of the equipment. Residents will be introduced to wifi and how it works. During every class, we accomplish learning one new feature of the iPad's or app, one brain game, and a fun game that focus' on finger movements on the iPads. 

With one hour, your residents will feel accomplished and good about the progress they've made, but most importantly have fun! 


We teach the basics of Face-time to provide other options how to communicate with family and friends using todays technology

Youtube is a great tool for learning and to stay up to-date with the latest viral videos 

We use the Weather app to check the upcoming weather in their city along with bookmarking other locations -where loved ones may live.  

The App Store is used to download different games and learning tools to train finger swiping movement as well as memory retention games